• 2012-04-17

    The Pretty Reckless - [Music.Live.Artists]


    2011.09.18 Night

    The Pretty Reckless

    Taylor Momsen

    Live in Shenzhen, China

    Photos By Nikki Zeng


    Waiting outdoor. To be Continue...


    無敵漫長等待之後Taylor Momsen終於以帥氣機車外套Look開場

    "And i don't know where i am, and i don't know what i'm into, and i don't know what i've done to me"

    一曲完毕 sexy back

    小 J 式 smile  


    現場氣氛很好 各種互動 

    "Do you think it's right when you hit me to the ground? Well, light me up when i'm down. Light me up when i'm down..." - 《Light Me Up》

    The Lights



    The LUCKIEST Lady Of The Night!!!

    One of my favorite shots-眼神超殺哦

    "After Jesus and Rock N Rocll, couldn't save my immoral soul, well, i've got nothing left to lose, i've got nothing left to lose..."  

    每次Taylor甩起那頭漂亮的金髮,大概只能用驚豔來形容了~ PS都是實際距離拍攝~有沒覺得我後面拍的離舞臺超近?嘿嘿 快被擠變形也算值得了T.T

    Near the end... "When the light hits your eyes. It's telling me I'm right And if I, I am through, It's all because of you"  

    Just Tonight

    Just Tongith

    Just Tonight